In todays video, I will be showing you all some 2022 home design and decor trends. I hope you get some new home decorating ideas from these trends and see something that inspires you! Thank you all so much for watching and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on these trends in the comments. Hope you all have a great week! X- Jenna




*I do not own these photos and all have been gathered from Instagram with the sources sited in the picture*


Faux Ficus Audrey Plants:

Other *SIMILAR* looking trees:

Grandma-Chic Accessories:

Pleated Lampshade Lighting:

Floral Print Accessories:

Fringe Furniture:

Curvy Furniture Favorites:

Accent Stools/Ottomans:

Rattan Accessories:

Faux Long, Twiggy Stems:

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