Come Thrift With Me! I went to 3 thrift stores and I found a Mid Centruy find that I love! I hope you love it too. Holiday Shopping at the thrift stores..yes, it can be done and I show you how I did it for my friends! It was so fun. I also have a heart-to-heart talk about my new relationship and a painful lesson I learned. I changed the name of the man that I was dating in 2012 out of respect for him…his name was not Roger…but let’s just call him that!

Thank you so much for being here…!!!
I have had so much fun this year shopping and I hope you can share your gift ideas with me. It makes my week when I get to know you better and find out about your life.
This aging process for a woman can be tricky! At least for me, no 2 weeks are the same. The tools I have developed to cope with the raging hormones, hot flashes, mood swings and 100 other things truly has helped me…and I hope to talk about this more next year. You remind me every week what it means to keep moving forward…never alone.

I love you to the moon and back again, Susan & Desi

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.

In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. This has been my saving grace when things go a bit off the rails!

Desi and I are celebrating our 4 Year Anniversary Today!
Thank you for helping me raise him! I am working on his calendar and hope to have it ready before the new year!!!

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Things You See In The Video

1.Flowers I Used For My Flower Arrangement –
3 Weeping Irises – Purchased at Flower Land – Can be ordered from many craft Garden Centers & Stores –

1. Glass Pitcher – Cut Glass – Beveled Glass – I Paid $3.99 = Value Not Sure $50 – $200

eBAY –

2. Art Pottery – High Glaze – I paid $3.99 – Value – $30 – $50

3. Basket of Vegetables – I Paid $2.99

4. Amber Glasses – I Paid $4.99

5. Blue Willow Plate – I Paid $4.99

Reproduction –

Extras I Added

1. Vincent Van Gogh-

Perfume – Sunflower Poppies –

This is one of my new favorite scents…it’s fresh and smells of citrus.

2. Pot of Gold – Body Glow Butter – Camouflages Neck Lines –

May be Sold Out

3. Dolly Parton Holiday Dish Towels –

4. Assorted Christmas Soap –

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