Happy International Women’s Day! Excited for this one! When it comes to our furniture and home decor style, Stevie and I have been love mixing old with new. PLZ SAZSCRIBE! youtube.com/sazanhendrix

Something we’re really into is finding little antique statement pieces to warm up our home. Going on these antiquing adventures (usually on a Sunday ha!) has truly been filling us up (and our home hehe) with so much joy. It’s in the teeny tiny details of the home where a story can come to life. I’ve only recently tapped into my “home aesthetic” or decor style, and I will say that I’m feeling more and more inspired by the “old home” feel. Let me know what pieces caught your eye!!!

• Notes from today’s video:
We found most of these pieces in Roundtop, TX and locally in our Austin area. Round top is known for their trade shows and have amazing finds for antique shopping! It’s also a super quaint and cute little town to take a day trip to if you’re in the TX surrounding area. We also found a few other things like the ladder, mirror, and frames recently at a cute antique store called Gatherings in Georgetown, TX. We chatted with the owner and she gets most of her things from Europe. They have a lot of really cool finds there – even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s a lot of fun to walk around and explore 🙂

Couch upstairs:
Caso Couch in Dover Natural: https://www.jonathanlouis.net/collections/living-room/the-caso-collection?utm_source=151&utm_medium=Vlog&utm_campaign=JL
Dealer Locator: https://www.jonathanlouis.net/find-a-dealer?utm_source=151&utm_medium=Vlog&utm_campaign=JL
*** Bc I know we will get asked! This is our newest furniture piece from Jonathan Louis. They gifted us their Caso couch! They are actually the manufacturer masterminds behind our big comfy couch in the living room downstairs that we found at Arhaus so it was really cool connecting with them after buying it! We wanted a more modern but still comfy couch for the family room space upstairs, and it also has a high-performance fabric which gives this mama so much peace of mind hahah!

Incase you missed our full HOME TOUR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F-NhDBZhTc&t=1s

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