hey frens:) today I’m finally decorating my house for Christmas! I gave my home all of the cozy nostalgic feels while still remaining simple & sleek. I also show you a Christmas potpourri on the stove & it turned out amazing! hope you enjoy! subscribe so you don’t miss out on more home decor videos 🙂

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Christmas decor shop with me at Pottery Barn + Crate & Barrel https://youtu.be/l6BINopbBvY
Christmas decor shop with me at Target https://youtu.be/LvobzEFT2-Y
Christmas decor shop with me at Home Goods https://youtu.be/8n_9YivwdNw

Christmas decor Haul https://youtu.be/j5rkY7fGyPI
Fresh Balsam Candle https://bit.ly/3Oc0CQJ
Balsam & Firewood candle https://bit.ly/3EB3sMa

Living Room-
Tv stand https://bit.ly/3Alzqcu
Samsung Tv (Black Friday Sale) https://howl.me/civ6RMfdZjS
Samsung Tv (similar also Black Friday Sale) https://howl.me/civ6SnnVX3v
Cypress Garland https://bit.ly/3UGTvSN
Twinkle lights https://howl.me/citZzCKAupW
Travertine candlestick pillars https://bit.ly/3RbuxZq
Flameless candles https://bit.ly/3Caaeav
Green sparkle tree https://bit.ly/3A61PU8
Glass trees (similar) https://howl.me/citZGwKC7fw
Village houses https://howl.me/citZAso5Kas
Village houses set https://howl.me/citZz7OBafN
Reindeer (similar) https://bit.ly/3OcB3iA

Bar area-
Fresh garland https://bit.ly/3Ogzh02
Twinkle lights https://howl.me/citZzCKAupW
Glass trees https://bit.ly/3UVvk32

Couch area-
Couch (similar) https://bit.ly/3flNdZe
Table (similar) https://bit.ly/3C9kRKt
Green velvet pillows (similar) https://howl.me/citZUHlToQx
White tree pillows https://bit.ly/3hx8YGu
Green throw https://howl.me/citZKrNzEWp
Fur throw https://bit.ly/3SunQm8
Christmas pet toys (similar) https://howl.me/civ6X9CQcJM
Faux cranberries https://bit.ly/3tBMaYQ
Faux olive tree stems https://bit.ly/3gcLeaq
Nest Holiday candle https://howl.me/civ60bEMpLO
Red plaid pillow https://bit.ly/3GqERuH

Fresh wreath https://bit.ly/3hPlOjj
Rug https://howl.me/civ61Uk7bZn
Snowman https://bit.ly/3tAV3BX
Amber soap dispensers https://bit.ly/3xRDLTR
Wooden tray for the soap https://bit.ly/3SxGVUB
Wood scrub brush https://bit.ly/3StPKPe
Vase for greenery https://bit.ly/3C5Um8N
Green tree towels https://bit.ly/3GmZzLT
Plaid & Striped towels https://howl.me/citZCfC2lrw
Small white light up tree (similar) https://howl.me/civ7qAGnkPm
Frozen berry wreath https://bit.ly/3X8v2aX
Cypress tree https://bit.ly/2IJizZL
Wooden nutcracker https://bit.ly/3E69zqg
Antique cutting boards (similar) https://bit.ly/3LG8AjX
Espresso machine https://bit.ly/3BC1Zm0
Coffee pot https://bit.ly/3BM0MZf
Christmas plates https://bit.ly/3AlsVGP
Christmas mugs https://bit.ly/3Gnro78

Entrance area-
Tree stems https://howl.me/citZyHrIbDw
Twinkle lights https://howl.me/citZzCKAupW
Vase https://bit.ly/3r4J9zd
Table https://bit.ly/3DqeiBa
Chairs https://howl.me/ch91GlmA7tr
Front door wreath https://bit.ly/3fWZzrn

Plaid sheets https://bit.ly/3GaBZC7
White duvet cover https://bit.ly/3X9BFJJ
Down duvet insert https://bit.ly/3V3UE6U
Linen quilt https://bit.ly/3R8rb9j
Long body pillow https://bit.ly/3tBA6qD
Mirrored tree https://bit.ly/3TtxDc7
Faux olive tree stems https://bit.ly/3gcLeaq
Christmas stem https://bit.ly/3UNDYAu
White vase (similar) https://bit.ly/3V1FT4l
Christmas tree (similar) https://bit.ly/3GomkiG
Christmas tree skirt https://bit.ly/3g1pbmW

Hallway wreath https://howl.me/civ7bs2T0aT

Upstairs bathroom-
Psalm & Proverbs books https://bit.ly/3EbE0LL
Chrome tree (similar) https://howl.me/civ7b8RBXME (similar) https://bit.ly/3X7Pfxq
Candlesticks https://bit.ly/3R8rPnf
Marble candlestick holders https://bit.ly/3BIhTLO
White towels https://bit.ly/3hQfh8l
Soap https://howl.me/civ7dubezFq
White glass trees https://bit.ly/3UVvk32

Downstairs bathroom-
Sparkle reindeer https://bit.ly/3Ed6d4M
Candlestick holder (similar) https://bit.ly/3EbH4rf
Red led candles https://bit.ly/3UPS7O4
Wooden riser https://bit.ly/3ObKzCu
Nativity scene https://howl.me/civ7hV2d50X
Green tree towels https://bit.ly/3A913pg
Vase https://bit.ly/3r4J9zd
Faux pine stems https://www.hobbylobby.com/Christmas/Floral-Arrangements/Floral-Stems/Pine-Needle-Stem/p/80775781
Tree hand towel (similar) https://bit.ly/3GkaW7x (similar) https://howl.me/civ7je72EJd

Stocking holder https://howl.me/civ7jGjXajm
Stockings https://howl.me/civ7jGjXajm
Cypress garland https://bit.ly/3UGTvSN
Twinkle lights https://howl.me/citZzCKAupW
Basket https://bit.ly/3hNhTDZ

Glass pot for the potpourri https://bit.ly/3QQBHSR
What I’m wearing-
Sweater https://bit.ly/3UVyqUI
Flare leggings https://www.aritzia.com/us/en/product/tnachill™-atmosphere-flare-hi-rise-legging/94282.html?dwvar_94282_color=1274
Earrings (use briannafox for 10% off) https://bit.ly/3SNlC0Q

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