EXTREME Bedroom Makeover | DIY Wall Decor | aesthetic bedroom transformation

Hi everyone, thanks for watching! Today I will be showing you a complete bedroom makeover before and after. I show you how to transform your bedroom/room in your home with DIY, budget-friendly ideas, hacks, and tips. I hope you are inspired and have fun creating your dream room!

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Items Featured:
Grey Velvet Tufted Sofa: https://lampsplus.mvk.co/221mp
Grey Swivel Chair: https://lampsplus.mvk.co/23qh1
Crystal Table Lamps: https://lampsplus.mvk.co/221mq
Mirrored Cabinet: https://lampsplus.mvk.co/221mr
Mirrored Console Table: https://lampsplus.mvk.co/221ms
Nightstands: https://lampsplus.mvk.co/221mx
Beaded Wall Mirror: https://lampsplus.mvk.co/221my
Crystal Pendant Light: https://lampsplus.mvk.co/221mz

Items seen in Bedroom:
Tufted Bed: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/fcd057c3d0f683fdda03887ff70b03cf4d6e1fcb?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996
Glass Candle Holders: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/a033f03e339d99da73769c161b8ff56483cae702?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996
Acrylic Decor Riser: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/c509261362343885de17f2f1ec3bb0d6b95d88ce?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996
Grey Flowers: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/7be76148ab6f66b9d33410ccd0389ca50f110370?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996
White Fiddle Leaves: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/cddf3a984435d941fc93ba85adb7bd98955b9a47?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996
Similar Palm Tree: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/fec4b3a0520c86c36add66c989c1a4364644e7a8?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996
White Vases: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/4d7c3aabc7f556eb00f380571eee85dff3f6196a?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996
Silver Floor Vase: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/b2069d1460cf0a9dfe481419a04ec3e609ed9047?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996
White Desk Vases: https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/4257b801becb8a2c6a5488fc66d7e20971040f4d?afId=673866&afCreativeId=2996

My recent Lamps Plus pieces:
Primo Collection 24” Wide Crystal Chandelier: https://bit.ly/3guhhNd
Velare Oatmeal Tufted Sofa: https://bit.ly/3guhr7h
Marilla Frameless Scalloped Wall Mirror: https://bit.ly/3nCmB4Y
Another stunning mirror option: https://bit.ly/3aXWXm6
Essa 24” Wide Chrome and Crystal Pendant Light: https://bit.ly/2EzyRls
Aston Silver Alligator Print Upholstered Wingback Armchair: https://bit.ly/34umNgp
Darla 19” Wide Silver and Acrylic Modern Round Accent Table: https://bit.ly/34B5Y3g
Stefania 36″ Wide Silver and Acrylic Modern Coffee Table: https://bit.ly/3huMCjV
Elizabeth 60″ Wide 4-Door Silver Mirrored Buffet Cabinet: https://bit.ly/2EBnGbQ

Accent wall color: Dorian Grey in the Flat finish from Lowes.
Rest of the room: Incredible White in Flat finish from Lowes

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