Hello and welcome back sweet friends. If we are meeting for the first time hello my name is Rebecca. In today’s episode of Home Spotlight I am so excited to be sharing our Christmas Home Tours here on Farmhouse at Meadowhill. Where we are sharing lots of holiday decorating, motivation, and inspiration. Today we are invited to tour Jenny’s beautiful home all decorated for the holiday season. Make sure you guys give her a follow and go say hello……https://instagram.com/farmhouseluv?igshid=MDM4ZDc5MmU=

🏰🏯🏠🏘🏢 Hello, thanks for stopping by today. Keep in mind we are not comparing the sizes of homes, we are here for inspiration and motivation. We can get inspired by the simplest to the most elaborate things to fill a corner of our homes. I have shared small and large homes alike. You may get inspired by a color, a theme or just get a warm feeling that may fill your heart with joy. It’s about making a happy place of your own wherever you may live. Creating your own happy place. ❤️

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