This last Halloween season we got to go Halloween home decor hunting at Disney world’s the Haunted Mansion gift shop, Memento Mori of all places! I was able to add some amazing pieces to my growing Haunted Mansion home decor collection and today, I’m going to show you all of it! So, if you love Disney, Disney villains, The Haunted Mansion and gothic home decor, get ready to enter that hallowed territory where all of these things collide!

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Aurelio Voltaire’s creepy cushion designs on Society 6:

Halloween Moon Cushion:

Bats and Filigree- Halloween Throw Pillow:

Briar Web Halloween Throw Pillow:

Bats and Beasts Cushion in Royal Purple:

Aurelio Voltaire Crest Cushion:

Skelebats Cushion in Royal Purple:

Bats and Filigree Cushion in Halloween Orange:

Bats and Filigree Shower Curtain in Black and White:

Goblin Hand Sanitizer Holder:

Antibacterial Gothic Mask and Glove Sets

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Wallpaper/ Bats and Beasts in Black and Gray: