Today’s video is my top 21 affordable home decor purchases I made in 2021.

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Top 3 Home Decor Books:

Dough Bowl (shown):
Other Sizes:

White Ceramic Vessel (pot 14.5):

Black Ceramic Vessel (pot 14.5):

Seagrass Basket:

Small Chopping Board:
Large Chopping Board: Sold Out

Cocktail Table:
Another Amazing Cocktail Table:

Gold Picture Box:

Brass Recipe Box (SPLURGE):
Brass “affordable” Recipe Box:

Recipe Cards:

Brass Stirr Spoons:

Cocktail Mixing Glass:

Cocktail Jigger:
Cocktail Strainer:
Cocktail Mixing Spoon:
Bottle Opener:

LARGE Euro Pillows:
30×30 Euro Pillow Covers (color Snow White):

Water Carafe:

Spice Jars:

Spice Jar Labels (mine are “clear long”):

Utensil Pot:


Mini Silicone Spatulas:

Hand Soap:

Black Stone Saucer:

Floral Shears:

Fabric Shaver:

Extra Small:

Pantry Shelf:

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Mock Neck T-Shirt (true to size, i’m in a Medium):

Big Hoops:

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